Despite over two decades of warnings about climate change and rising sea levels, there remains a lack of urgency to address the issue. It’s too far removed from people’s day-to-day lives. In reality, climate change is already here and the effects of rising sea levels will be felt here in the cities where we live and work. It’s not enough to slow the rising tide. We need to adapt.
Show people what a world underwater might be like by replacing the standard Uber car with a Uber Hovercraft. To promote uberPOOL, Uber’s ridesharing service, we gave riders in Seattle a message about climate change and an experience they never expected—the opportunity to choose a hovercraft on the Uber app. Working with scientists at EcoAdapt, we used data to augment Uber’s in-app maps to show sections of the city that will soon be underwater, including streets that will become inaccessible to cars. This dramatic and impactful demonstration drove home the need to prevent and adapt to rising sea levels today.

2017 2 Silver Seattle Addys
The website showcases the efforts behind the Climate Adaptation Project. It had three main purposes:
1. Create awareness around sea level rise.
2. Demonstrate the science behind adaptation.
3. Give a toolkit for adaptation locally.
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