Northwest Product Stewardship Council Website

Riverbed Design along with developers Objective Consulting Inc created a much needed redesign for the Northwest Product Stewardship Council (NWPSC) website. The NWPSC is a coalition of government organizations in Washington and Oregon that operates as an unincorporated association of members. The purpose of the website includes product stewardship activities in the states of Oregon and Washington. The mission of the NWPSC is to work together and with other governments, businesses and nonprofit groups to integrate product stewardship (producer responsibility) principles into the policy and economic structures of the Pacific Northwest. In an effort to harmonize legislation and programs among jurisdictions on the west coast, the site also tracks the product stewardship activities in California and British Columbia, Canada.

One of the biggest challenges of this site was reorganizing the content to a more user oriented approach. This site contains vast amounts of information for over 12 different product groups. To do this we designed a special navigation bar that can toggle through the different areas without becoming overwhelmed with the navigational choices. The structure is simple and easy to use and creates access points for all the information.

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